tiktok for crypto

When a Cryptocurrency trading platform company contacted me to grow their Instagram page for traffic purposes, it became clear to me that it was worth steering towards TikTok. Why? Better organic reach, and Crypto being a hot topic (and really, really cool). This client now gets more clients from TikTok than any other social network in their arsenal. 

With profits on this trading platform up 143%, TikTok definitely worth investing time and resources in.

Through some testing with different content types, and using consistency, I was able to work with the team to create content that really excelled on TikTok.


After a few viral videos, the company now has over 20,000 followers – after just 6 months on TikTok.

TikTok is an amazing social network for a lot of businesses, and is still fairly unsaturated. I recommend TikTok for Fintech, Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, Marketing, and Clothing businesses. I also recommend targeted TikTok ads for companies looking to reach local audiences.



Release Date

Jan 2021


Traffic from Social Media